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Welcome to The Picture House, the focal point of Montrose life

Just as the whole town once gathered in the gorgeous King's Cinema on Hume Street, now The Picture House attracts a broad cross-section of Montrose residents into its high-ceilinged interior. With light fittings that look like giant upturned ice-cream cones and decorative clapperboards, projectors and movie reels all round the tall bar, the pub pays homage to its origins while offering its customers a 21st-century welcome. Pleasing everyone from breakfasters to morning coffee drinkers, hungry families, curious tourists, sports fans, music lovers and weekend revellers, this is a pub that keeps all comers in the picture.

Opening times

Monday - Thursday 11am - 11pm

Friday - 11am - 12pm

Saturday - 9am - 1am

Sunday - 9am - 11pm

Food Serving times

Monday - Thursday 11am - 9pm

Friday - 11am - 10pm

Saturday - 9am - 10pm

Sunday - 9am - 9pm


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Get in touch: thepicturehouse.montrose@belhavenpubs.net